We recognize that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of our stakeholders which include shareholders, customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and the community.

We recognize that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are integral to our business. We aim to upheld our responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.

We take all feedback that we receive from our stakeholders seriously and, where possible, maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfil the requirements outlined within this policy.

We shall be open and honest in communicating our strategies, targets, performance and governance to our stakeholders in our continual commitment to sustainable development.

Policy elements / Materiality

Our company‘s CSR management shall practice under the guideline of ISO26000 and UN Global Compact.

CSR in Vietnamese


  • dotWe aim to create a worming culture where all employees take a shared responsibility for the delivery of our business goals.
  • dotWe aim to eliminate discrimination on any grounds and promote equality of opportunity.
  • dotWe will ensure that all employees are treated with respect and dignity and free from harassment.


  • dotWe are committed to conduct business with respect of Law and pay attention to the practices which including anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices.
  • dotWe shall operate in a way that safeguards against unfair business practices and our contracts set out the terms, conditions and the basis of our relationship.
  • dotWe will adopt and actively encourage the best and fair business practices and shall endeavor to build solid bonds with customers and suppliers.


  • dotWe are committed to ensuring that our business is conducted according to ethical, professional and legal standards.
  • dotWe endeavor to ensure that stakeholders have confidence in the management processes of the business by the conduct and professionalism of our employees.
  • dotWe ask our customers for feedback on our performance to continually improve our service and ensure that comments are reviewed and acted upon.


  • dotWe shall undertake activities in a sustainable manner, including protection of the environment and the health and safety of all affected parties. All activities shall comply with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) guideline.
  • dotWe endeavor to reduce our impact on the environment by promoting environmentally friendly solutions whilst maintaining a successful and competitive business;
  • dotWe aim to dispose of waste in the most environmentally friendly way.
  • dotWe aim to reduce the environmental impact of unnecessary energy consumption
  • dotWe aim to provide a clean, healthy and safe worming environment.


  • dotWe aim to support and work with the local people to improve their quality of lives through active participation in local practices and festivals as well as instances like volunteering to support community events, educational programs and creating job opportunity to local society. SLR group will readily act to promote its identity as a socially aware and responsible business. Management must ensure that this policy is communicated at all levels.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

Note that ‘procurement’ under this policy covers not only the procurement of goods (parts and materials) for production, but also the various services such as maintenance and management of facilities.

Under the sustainable procurement policy, Southland Rubber Group will conduct its procurement activities in accordance with:

UN Global Compact: United Nations initiative to encourage businesses wor1dwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsibIe policies, and to report on their implementation

ISO26000: ISO guidance on how businesses and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. This means acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society. Also to minimize any negative impacts of goods, works or services throughout the supply chain

 Accountability/Organizational Governance/ Transparency

*Southland Group’s Suppliers are to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and appropriate social customs of the countries and/or regions.

  • Suppliers are to ensure compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations in the countries and/or regions they operate from including anti-trust laws, commercial codes, subcontractor regulations, foreign exchange laws, personal privacy laws, copyright laws, etc.
  • Both Southland Group and Suppliers must avoid bribery of any kind (any gift, payment, consideration, financial or non-financial advantage or benefit of any hind which constitutes a corrupt and illegal practice).

Ethical behavior protecting Confidential Information and Competition Laws

*Compliance with Information Security / Confidential information

  • Manage and protect companies’ confidential information such as trade secrets and use such information in an appropriate manner.
  • Obtain confidential information concerning other companies only from authorized personnel by legitimate means. Verify the permissible scope of use and other conditions concerning stich confidential information and use it only within the scope allowed.

*Compliance with the Competition Laws

  • Southland Rubber Group will not engage in illegal acts against the pro-competition laws and regulations of each country and region including private monopolies, unreasonable restraint of trade (cartel, collusive bidding, etc.) or unfair trade practice

Fair Trading Practices

*Procurement Activities/ Working Closely with Suppliers

  • In order to enhance supply values cherished by Customers, the Company will channel and share knowledge and information including news, views and trends etc. with Suppliers. The Company will strive to ensure and maintain the quality of purchased supplies, pay competitive prices, and respond to market changes accordingly and fairly to Suppliers.

Human Rights and Labor

*Implementation of CSR Procurement

  • Southland Rubber Group will comply with laws and regulations, social norms, and corporate ethics. The Company will work and promote procurement activities together with our Suppliers to fulfil our joint social responsibilities, including prohibition of child labor, enacting fair wages and respect for human rights under the scope of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and programs.

Respect for international norms of behavior

*Nondiscrimination in dealings

  • Southland Rubber Group does not discriminate on the basis of personal characteristics which are protected by local applicable laws and regulations, such as race, ethnic and national origin, religion, age, gender, etc.-with regards to our suppliers and customers


*Suppliers are encouraged to engage actively to create environmentally friendly products.

  • Suppliers are encouraged to promote positive environmental policies, the improvement of eco- systems that affect the environment and to provide training opportunities in related areas.
  • We aim to reduce the effect of our operations on climate change and to minimize the environmental impact of our business operations. We strive to develop, establish and promote technologies enabling the environment and economy to coexist harmoniously, and to build close and cooperative relationships with a wide spectrum of individuals and organizations involved in environmental preservation.

Health and Safety

* Ensure safe activities in workplace

  • Suppliers are expected to ensure safe activities when working with small holders in the procurement and transportation of raw materials to factories. Southland Rubber Group aims to provide a safe and hygienic environment in the workplace where raw materials are delivered and stored. We focus on workers’ safety in the use of equipment and on applying proper emergency responses and measures against possible disasters and accidents so to protect human lives.

Contribution to Society

*Creation of jobs and contributing to the local economy

  • Southland Rubber Group aims to be a contributor to the local economy through the creating of jobs and employment of the local people. In addition, the Group aims to world with the local people to improve their lives through active participation in local practices and festivals as well as instances like organizing health checks for the local people.

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